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drastic hair colour change - but looks great!

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CleverCatty Wed 19-Aug-20 17:02:24

Can't and won't post photos yet - but for years I've been a highlighted blonde - natural colour is ash blonde - dark blonde/mousey.

So I had a disaster recently after lockdown - asked for blonde full head highlights and the hairdresser dyed it a permanent white blonde bleached colour. To say I was angry is an understatement.

I then had a toner applied a few weeks later which is near my natural colour - ok - but it faded easily.

Finally yesterday I went to a nearby hairdresser who have won awards for colour and I was advised to have a slightly darker semi permanent colour - a 7 if that makes sense - with some copper red through it - the colour is amazing - my DM came round today for coffee and couldn't believe how nice it looked, my DB facetimed me today and both of them said I looked younger! Win win smile

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Caramelblonde Thu 20-Aug-20 12:24:16

Thank goodness it's sorted,nothing worse than having a bad hair colour experience!Bet it looks lovely for autumn.

CleverCatty Thu 20-Aug-20 12:32:20


Thank goodness it's sorted,nothing worse than having a bad hair colour experience!Bet it looks lovely for autumn.

thanks - it does! I didn't pay and complained and left a bad review - no idea if he's still working there but I was very clear and another salon told me 'it looks like he slapped the permanent colour on without thinking'... He had a lot of clients that day and was 'between jobs' with me - literally skipping from one client to the next at the same time and didn't appear to be listening, I assumed as I'd been there once before and he was an older hairdresser he knew what he was doing, also had seen he'd done colour before quite well.

Have spent a bit of money and time on cuts, consultations and 2 dye jobs plus products but apparently lots of salons including this chain (Rush) have had horror stories.

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mamaoffourdc Thu 20-Aug-20 12:56:39

Rush in Canterbury have a terrible reputation

CleverCatty Thu 20-Aug-20 14:37:02

Most of Rush have a terrible reputation mamaoffourdc - mine wasn't there but there are a few good stylists.

I just don't think they're necessarily trained that well.

This salon is a small one with a few branches but they've come I think 5th in L'oreal colour awards which is on leaflets in their window etc - and the woman who did my hair was amazing and really spoke to me and understood.

The previous colourist who tried to fix it was very nice but not sure if she was after money as she put a toner on it.

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