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Really short, stubby nail beds - is there anything I can do?

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RosesAndRoses Thu 06-Aug-20 23:22:41

I have really short, stubby nails. My nail beds are wider than they are long by quite a large degree aside from my index fingernails which are almost perfectly round hmm. They look like the hands of a young child and I am very self-conscious of them.

I don't bite my nails but I have to keep them cut quite short for various reasons. However even if I were to let them grow it would take a lot of length for them to even start being longer than they are wide.

Would pushing the cuticles back help or will they just always look like this? Does anyone have any advice?

At the moment I paint them a very sheer pink colour so as to not draw attention to them but to try and make them look a bit better but to be honest they are beyond hope.

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Beebumble2 Fri 07-Aug-20 07:45:02

I’d advise treating yourself to a manicure at a recommended salon, not a nail bar.
My nails were in a shocking condition, but over lockdown I have tried to look after them. They weren’t brilliant, but better.
As soon as I could I treated myself to a manicure. Not something I’d ever done because my nails were so awful, flakey and broken.
Wow, the manicurist has worked a miracle! They’re totally different nails, I can’t stop looking at them.

Meeeh Fri 07-Aug-20 08:38:08

Yes have a mani. Not a gel one. You can’t really do much about how big your nails are - nothing is going to make them longer on the finger bit and if you can’t grow them then you’ll have to come to terms with that and just have cute little nails that are in beautiful condition so focus on the health of them and keeping them even.

CMOTDibbler Fri 07-Aug-20 09:23:29

This is my nails exactly - when I keep them short they are circular. If I grow them and paint them I can get nice looking nails, but it needs a non sheer colour so you don't see how much is not on my finger.
My toe nails are even worse, and those I really hate.

RosesAndRoses Fri 07-Aug-20 11:40:57

Thank you for your replies. smile

I have never had a manicure because to be honest I feel too embarrassed! I feel like they have nothing to work with. However you are probably right that I should go. If I can't do anything about the size and shape I might as well make sure they are as neat as they can be.

Unfortunately growing them out is just not an option and even so they are so wide that they would still look quite strange.

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