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What to ask hairdresser for

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menofharlech Wed 05-Aug-20 08:05:22

I have a long layered bob and a grown out fringe. Lots of fine slightly wavy hair.

I want to get it cut into a blunt wavy bob a good couple of inches shorter so it's just below chin. I know I need to grown the layers out a bit more before I'm fully there but that's the general direction.

The problem is my hair waves and grows outwards from my ears down. So I look like a puffy mushroom.

Whenever I go to get it cut I always point this out with vague gestures and comments like I don't want it bouffy (helpful) or can they take the weight out. Never works.

What actually should I be asking for?

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Thinkle Wed 05-Aug-20 08:16:54

My hair is Just like yours and I am hoping to achieve a similar haircut! My difficult bit is at the back where it grows up and in to a kind of Mohican at the nape of my neck. The solution for me is the terrifying sounding undercut. It’s not the 90s boyfriend shaved back and side thing, for me it’s just shorter hair underneath that allows the hair on top (that grows in the right direction) to hang nicely.

menofharlech Wed 05-Aug-20 17:45:08

Thank you. I wonder if my hair is too fine for an undercut though?

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YouStupidBoy Wed 05-Aug-20 18:04:18

I have fine hair, lots of it, which can be very wavy and fluffy and a very short, blunt bob. I also have an undercut so that the back lies correctly.

menofharlech Wed 05-Aug-20 20:17:42

Oh interesting, thanks both.

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