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Balayage hair..

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bingsulaflop Sun 19-Jul-20 22:00:21


I am fancying booking in for a hair appointment for balayage hair done..

At the moment I have natural mousy brown hair, just above shoulder length with a full fringe.. I'm trying to grow it and don't suit not having a fringe.

Would balayage hair work? I am quite fair skinned so not too light or dark but does anyone have any ideas on styles/colours etc?

Thank you

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Viletta Sun 19-Jul-20 22:04:35

Something like this is nice

magicmarker11 Sun 19-Jul-20 22:09:37

I got this done and I love it! Would never have my hair any other way now! Lifts my skin and since I'm late thirties and starting to get more than the odd grey, it's much easier to blend them. Go for it!

ChavvySexPond Sun 19-Jul-20 22:14:06

I was told (by my hairdresser) that they do balayage by backcombing your hair and that put me off. I'd always thought they painted strands free hand. Just something to bead in mind in case you're like me and it hurts having tangles combed out.

WeeM Mon 20-Jul-20 00:45:21

I have fair skin and a fringe and have balayage. I love it because it’s far lower maintenance than regular highlights as the roots aren’t as noticeable. I only get the blond redone about once a year and just get my grey roots touched up in between times. They didn’t backcomb it either

fizzpopbang123 Mon 20-Jul-20 06:57:37

I was told (by my hairdresser) that they do balayage by backcombing your hair and that put me off. I'd always thought they painted strands free hand

They do paint strands free hand, that's exactly what the technique is. They also backcomb very very small parts of each section. My hairdresser said it was to help make the colour more uneven (probably not the correct way to describe it but that is the point of it).

They colour dry dirty hair then you go for a shampoo and condition which is when they will remove the backcombing. You honestly won't notice it being combed out. As I said it's not a bit part of the technique.

I love balayage, I had 18months between my colour and it had just grown out naturally. Also, you know you can have a mix of balayage and highlights, I have a few highlights around my temple at the front just to lift it and because I like to be blonder right next to my face.

TheoneandObi Mon 20-Jul-20 07:10:22

I love balayage. I have it done to soften the look of my straight hair and make any waves I put in it look more defined (beastly thick, strong hair!).Done well, by a good colourist it really is a thing of beauty. My hairdresser does it beautifully, all free-hand. She's like an artist at work! No backcombing either as far as I remember. Next apt is 4 August so it's been a while!

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