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What have been your most useful S&B lessons/realisations?

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nightlantern Tue 30-Jun-20 19:58:53

I thought this could be interesting, mainly because I'm half expecting to hear a lot of things I hadn't even thought about and can hopefully learn from!

So what are the things you've learnt over the years that have been the most useful and had the most impact on you, style and beauty wise?

Mine would be the classic story of the size label not being important. Nobody sees the label on your clothes when you're wearing them and it's not a competition to fit into the smallest size. I wish I'd known this as an insecure teenager.

Also, that it's useful to know the 'rules' but it's also fine to break them, if you want to. I know what season I am and what colours I look best in but I also know that I love wearing black. It might not make me look my best but I'm happy wearing it and I feel good so sod the rules occasionally.

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Myvotesforknope Tue 30-Jun-20 20:07:47

Absolutely! Def to the sizing, I was so so slim growing up, and the last year has been me learning to love clothes and not overflowing from them! Also colour, I feel great in colours not in style, peach and mint, green and cream, navy and black, I think the confidence I feel loving what I wear means I (hopefully) Carry it off! Also weirdly with age feel more confident wearing things like shorts I felt unable to wear in my teens/twenties. All about being happy in my skin I guess!

Bohemond Tue 30-Jun-20 20:10:20

Beauty tip - cleanse face every night and actually use one of the many expensive products I have afterwards. I only use basic Clarins peach cleanser so very easy and it is has made a monumental difference to my skin.
It only took me 47 years to work this out.

Cherryup Tue 30-Jun-20 21:18:27

Buy better quality, you can tell.

purpledagger Tue 30-Jun-20 22:43:29

I agree with breaking the rules. Fashion should be about fun.

I try and buy clothes with spring/autumn in mind as the weather is so unpredictable - so dresses that can be worn with thermals underneath, cardigans can be removed.

Have clothing for the life that you have, not the one you would like. As much as I like party dresses, I rarely go to them anymore....

Don't be afraid of colour. Brightly coloured ballet flats, a hairband or belt are good places to start.

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