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Want new eyeshadow

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dementedma Sat 23-May-20 19:06:07

What can i treat myself too? I Ike urban decay and have a couple of the naked palettes. Just looked at the new cherry one - anyone recommend?
I usually wear fairly neutral dull colours but have green eyes and have bee told more purple colours might be better. Am mid 50s so nothing too young and glittery. I have sallow/olive skin...and plum coloured hair!
I want to freshen up my look and be a bit more daring without looking like mutton. Recommendations?

YouStupidBoy Sat 23-May-20 19:10:49

I have the Naked Cherry one and love it; I have medium - ish olive skin, dark hair and hazel eyes (amber ring with green ish outside) for reference. I find it all very wearable - I am not into a "heavy" look at all.

PersonaNonGarter Sun 24-May-20 08:26:53

Are you a member of Beauty Pie? The eye make up is amazing. My skin is not youthful and the wondercolour longwear shadow stick are a revelation.

They are basically the Laura Mercier caviar sticks but repackaged and are so lovely to use. Wild Violet is particularly lovely colour but they are all gorgeous quality and so cheap for what they are so you can experiment.

I am getting the Warm Neutrals palette and Brazillionaire stick next month.

PersonaNonGarter Sun 24-May-20 08:51:54

Should add, if you aren’t a member of Beauty Pie it might be worth it if you are planning to do a big make up overhaul. It’s minimum £10 a month for three months but if you use this link here you can get a month free and I get an uplift in my allowance smile.

The huge reductions may make it easily worth it if you would anyway be buying high-end make up. I joined recently and love it. There are lots of reviews.

Also, on eyeshadow if you are looking to spend more or want an over the counter buy, the Tom Ford palettes are absolutely perfect. Each one is gorgeous.

dementedma Sun 24-May-20 19:25:53

Ooh thanks

LizzieMacQueen Sun 24-May-20 19:48:53

Hi @PersonaNonGarter @dementedma. Is the code one use only because I'm tempted if OP you're not going to use it.

dementedma Sun 24-May-20 20:19:26

Go ahead @LizzieMacQueen. I will try out the Urban Decay one when it arrives and then look at Beauty Pie later so please do use it. I can wait

LizzieMacQueen Sun 24-May-20 20:28:13

Cheers! It's the candles as much as anything else I'm interested in. Possibly too much Sunday vino consumed to make a sound decision though. 🍷

PersonaNonGarter Sun 24-May-20 20:28:34

As many people can use it as would like to smile - I think it is just a link. @LizzieMacQueen

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