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Will toner help my dark roots?

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Livingoffcoffee Sat 16-May-20 12:36:47

Unsurprisingly my bleached platinum blonde hair is growing out and my dark roots are looking absurd.

I don't trust myself to bleach the roots, but would like to be able to blend it all somehow. I was going to get some toner to help with the blonde going a bit yellow - but will that do anything to the dark roots?

I was going to get the Wella T18 toner, which I've used before on freshly bleached hair

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Livingoffcoffee Sat 16-May-20 21:33:25

Shameless bump. And hair dressers about?

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bossybloss Sat 16-May-20 22:29:43

My daughter has the same issue..she put a purplish tint on and it looks amazing..ends lilac..roots a darker purple .x

Spaceprincess Sat 16-May-20 22:30:35

I do my own roots at home, I've used the wella toners. They do have a level of lift in them, but If you have dark roots it's not going to touch them. I do my roots with Schwartzkopf Plantium XL, then use a non peroxide toner to get it white. My base colour is mid/light brown.

MabelMoo23 Mon 18-May-20 14:56:47

No, the toner will only lift the blonde. It won’t touch your roots, that’s not what it’s designed for

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