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ok style gurus...

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NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:05:06

re this website and this, and this dress in particular...

do they look yummy and divine, or will they look a pile of pants on a siz 12-14, dfinately NOT orktastic, 5'4", pale-ish person?

and if i scrub and have and maisturise and spray tan from now till my holiday in october, will that be enough to look alright? i shant bother if after all that i still look a bit past it...

Quootiepie Mon 17-Sep-07 14:10:41

You will look great in them (not a style guru, just abit nosey )

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:11:04

Nappies, i have a very similar dress. I think it will look lovely, do make sure you moisturise fake tan, and perhaps some wedges to lengthen your pins. Perhaps a push up bra? and some nice accesories. Where abouts are you going on holiday, not that i'm jealous.

envy angry envy......!

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:15:30

quootie grin.

have neglected to moisturise for about ... um... 4 years blush but i WILL try hardr... am out of the habit now blush

fake tan, absolutely. pale and interesting my arse, ive seen photos and my flesh looks rubbish pale.

icant wear heels ithout hurting sadly... i have bunons sadblush

push up bra - have just been asking on other threadabout that...will work on it...

accessories?? im RUBBISH at those too! eek, i need my sister about...

am going to cyprus. is first holiday in 2 yrs and looking forward to it a lot.

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:18:42

Oh, nappies i've just read your question re: rigby and peller on the other thread do go, do do do ! I can't rate them highly enough, i'am quite well endowed but they are saggy as a result of either being pregnant, breast feeding, or both for the last four years. I have other push up bras from M&S etc, but the effect they give is up under your chin, not natural, and also they accentuate any crepey skin in that area. With R&P they put them back to where they were when i was 15! smile

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:22:30

thats one hell of a recommendation..

i will certainly think about it (could combine a trip up with visiting peeps)

Now, if you had to choose one of those dresses, which would it be??

and hang on coz i can link to some others ive been looking at on topsop too...

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:25:22

There are also some beautiful roman/grecian style strappy sandals, flat but somehow they have the magical effect of lenghtening my dumpy legs, so they must work! If you don't think you'll stick to the moisturising then use a moisturising shower gel, dove do a really nice one, and use a scrubbing brush with it, your skin will be soft and glowing , it helps to break down cellulite[ brush upwards in small circles towards the heart starting at the toes]. You'll be soft and glowing in the same amount of time as it would take for a normal shower.

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:26:50

Nappies what kind of colouring have you got?

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:27:38

this one for evenings out (am thinking of having more of those)

this one for school runs, daytimes, looking vaguely respectable, maybe with leggings or skinny jeans and bikery low boots, coz im patently not respectable and who am i kidding?grin

this one for nights again

and this one or daytmes, layering etc.

what do you think??

FluffyMummy123 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:29:51

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:30:14

Message withdrawn

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:31:22

ooh (puts dove on shoppig list)

colouring... is kind of nothingy. pale, freckly, hair a v bland colour atm... m thinking of either rich brown next or a bright coppery colour. could always go back to blond highlights bu its a bit boring, no? i look nice with a tan.
eyes are bluey grey.

middle region is not to be clung to by fabric these days... im rubbish at exercise and had 3 babies in 2.5 years. it shows.

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:32:30

which nighty dress cod?

and kimono thingy is bad eh?

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:32:32

Don't like them, i think they'll swamp you!!

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:32:58

what, all of them?

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:33:30

repeat: my middle region is to be disguised at all costs

fishie Mon 17-Sep-07 14:35:32

that yellow smocky one is bad. i believe smocks have gone out of fashion too.

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:37:06

If you go rich brown with your hair and with a tan then i think the dress in blue,if not then white?

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:43:03

Nappies, i don't like any of them to be honest apart from the baby ceylon dress! you may have a bit of a belly [who does'nt] but they look like maternity wear!

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:47:10


get the first of the babyceylon dresses, ditch all the ohers and go brown with the hair? and look after skin etc... and get decen bras... and contol pants!

is thatright??

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 14:48:24

that plunge one looks maternity? and the brown spotty one? surely not...

1crazymumof2 Mon 17-Sep-07 14:56:10

No granted the brown spotty one does'nt look maternity, but its just a bit forgettable, and also cheap looking. Find something with a bit more colour. The 40's look is very now [aparently], and i think wearable with your figure.

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 15:13:23

cheap looking? oh dear, thats not what im aiming for at all..

elegent, refined, effortless... and not blobby... thats the sort of thing im after.

pointydog Mon 17-Sep-07 15:19:23

have you got great legs, nappies?

NappiesGalore Mon 17-Sep-07 17:54:57

ummmmm, well i wouldnt call them great. theyre not bad i guess. look alright with mid to low thigh length or longer... shorter than that? those days are gone grin

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