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coat help

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fishiapankhurst Thu 13-Sep-07 13:19:36

i want a new coat. budget up to £100, ideally grey single breasted with big pockets. i am broad shouldered and amply chested.

this looks nice but may be unsuitable for my bosom.

yorkshirepudding Thu 13-Sep-07 13:22:10

Message withdrawn

fishiapankhurst Thu 13-Sep-07 13:27:37

im quite small on the bottom half. sort of parsnip shaped. big shoulders sometimes make sleeves too short.

katybump Thu 13-Sep-07 19:24:35

i bought a coat today in h&m, dark grey but they also had them in black,large buttons up the front with a slight funnel neck ,a swingy back and slight puffy sleeves at the is lovely ,in a tweedy sort of fabric and was only £19.99 BARGAIN!!!!! can't find any pics but it is truely lovelygrin

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