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Corona virus - will fashion dry up?

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Pooshweens Wed 08-Apr-20 21:31:15

Superficial question, but just wondering if online shops will run out of new stuff to advertise

It already seems like there isn't much new stuff coming out so I was just curious as to how far ahead they produce clothes....

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lookingformybrain Wed 08-Apr-20 21:34:17

Please! I want fast fashion to go under. Bring back clothing that's well made and long lasting.

Pooshweens Wed 08-Apr-20 21:36:12

Sorry - when I said "fashion", I just mean new clothes

I don't do fashion in that sense at all (!) but I do like buying good quality clothing that lasts for years

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Squiz81 Wed 08-Apr-20 21:42:53

Well a lot of big shops have cancelled their orders with the manufacturersb so I'd say it's a definite yes in the short term. Sadly, I doubt the appetite for fast fashion has gone away and things will go back to his they were.

Bluewavescrashing Wed 08-Apr-20 21:45:56

So many of us have too many clothes anyway. I just put loads of stuff in my basket online and then just bought a pack of knickers as that's all I need tbh. I love the thrill of shopping but I know I've got 3 suitcases of lovely summer clothes in the loft to look at first!

Lovemusic33 Wed 08-Apr-20 21:49:28

I think most people will be making do with what they have this year. I miss shopping but I prefer going to shops to buy clothes so won’t be buying online. I’m only hanging out in the garden so I don’t really need to buy anything anyway. I’m more worried about not being able to buy clothes for my fast growing teens who may have to wear my clothes this summer but then again, no ones going to see them.

browzingss Wed 08-Apr-20 21:49:38

For the foreseeable future, fashion retailers will make business decisions to avoid operating at a loss. That may mean new collections are put on hold or they may modify what they sell eg nothing too wacky/trendy - sticking to bestsellers, weather appropriate attire, popular colours only etc. The initial plans they had back in January/February for this season has most likely been scrapped and altered, so it doesn’t matter how far ahead they produce clothes.

However once we’re clear to resume normal life, I don’t expect the fashion industry to “go under” at all. There will certainly be people who have the money and desire to spend on clothing.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 08-Apr-20 22:24:33

There is very heavy discounting going on right now, so it looks like retailers are desperate. I think shops are essentially missing “a season” - this is the time of year when people start thinking about buying new things for warmer weather because they’ve had a glimpse of some sun. I also think people are not buying online because they are worried about finances, and because they are just knocking about the house with the odd trip to Tesco.

PersonaNonGarter Wed 08-Apr-20 23:18:48

It will be interesting to see what the late summer/autumn collections look like. Those collections don’t appear by magic, and so many of the people required will be in lockdown.

A close family member of mine works with models - they have almost no bookings as no one can travel, or guarantee social distancing. Some have Insta-Trying-on-at-home work. But mostly it is dead.

mochojoes Wed 08-Apr-20 23:31:53

Most high street fashion houses will have 6wks minimum lead times and that depends on fabric & manufacturing country. Lots of product will have been booked 6 months in advance. Some of that will already have been made but they could halt production, save materials for later.

Also shops that have a retail presence will struggle to bring in new stock of old stock is still filling stores as warehouses are not massive. I wonder how they are managing to photograph product for online sites.

mochojoes Wed 08-Apr-20 23:34:16

Summer stock will largely have been produced as most shops launch their "true summer" offer at Easter as that's generally when people's mindset changes particularly if we have good weather. It's the A/W product that will be hit I reckon.

StuckBetweenDarknessAndLight Wed 08-Apr-20 23:36:45

I think a lot of fashion retailers will go under.

GhostCurry Thu 09-Apr-20 00:58:53

Yes they will stuck - I work in the industry and it is not good. Sales and retail staff are all being laid off, factories are closing due to lack of work, orders are being cancelled. Department stores will go out of business too.
Please consider buying a few pieces online if you can, the industry needs income.

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