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Tights/stockings for tall ladies

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slinkysaluki Sun 05-Apr-20 03:19:32

Hi can anybody recommend tights/stockings/hold ups for taller ladies, im 6ft and really struggle to get stockings that go to the top of the thigh rather than just over my knees, same with hold ups and tights i struggle with getting them to fit at the crotch and not mid thigh. Thanks in advance

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HotSteppa Sun 05-Apr-20 03:22:14

Snag tights 100% . I'm 5'10" and a size 20, theh have changed my wardrobe coz tights have always been such an I'll fitting pain. Ace customer service, lovely quality and colours and plastic free packaging to boot

Redglitter Sun 05-Apr-20 03:23:57

I was going to suggest snag as well. They're fab. Best fitting tights I've ever bought

MiggyMoggyMoo Sun 05-Apr-20 04:32:05

Snag!! Definitely!!

BestIsWest Sun 05-Apr-20 09:06:10

Snag here too.

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