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Want to slowly start looking after my own eyebrows - any YouTube or other recs?

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lborgia Sat 21-Mar-20 10:11:04

I'm fat and fifty, and really bad at looking after myself. I've been doing a bit of better self care while at home, but realise that I've not plucked my eyebrows properly for decades. Either I've left it, or had it done.

I probably ought to start using a teeny bit of eyebrow pencil, but first I need to get brave with the tweezers. I have everything I need, pointy and flat slanted tweezers, a decent brown pencil, but my eyebrows are a different thing from 25 years ago.

Do I stay with same general strong, thicker shape, plucking only from underneath, and lukewarm how to fill in gaps?

I'm scared, but know that I'll feel better once I've mastered it!

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Hamsterian Sat 21-Mar-20 10:47:23

Could you put up a picture of just your brows?
I would start by plucking only the ones which are clear strays. The pencil you can use to fill in the gaps, by doing small strokes. I use Boy Brow by Glossier which is very user friendly, it’s like a mascara for the eyebrows.
If your eyebrow hairs are very long you may want to slightly trim them.
Normally the ideal way would be to go to a good salon, get them done, and then do the upkeep at home.
Also try not to have a big sesh in one day, do a little bit each morning. That way you won’t go too drastic by getting carried away

Hamsterian Sat 21-Mar-20 10:49:44

Do a search on Youtube: Lisa Eldridge eyebrows and some good videos will come up

Wolfgirrl Sat 21-Mar-20 10:55:49

What shape are your eyebrows? Are they full or sparse? Coarse or fine? Dark or light?

I have quite full, coarse eyebrows which are quite fair. I tint mine at home using Dyebrow in dark brown (super easy), then just pluck underneath.

If your eyebrows are full, tinting them stops the need to pencil every morning and saves bags of time.

If they are sparse you could get them micro bladed - not cheap but again saves time every morning and looks very natural.

I find it hard to keep up beauty routines so go for more permanent solutions where I can.

lborgia Sat 21-Mar-20 11:50:59

Thanks for all that, will try and post photo, but it's night here now, so sleep smile.

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