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Cruelty free vegan mascara

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SpeckledyHen Sun 09-Feb-20 22:20:28

Any recommendations please ?

SpeckledyHen Mon 10-Feb-20 08:05:06


PurpleDaisies Mon 10-Feb-20 08:10:30

I’ve got one from Arbonne which is brilliant. I bought it at a party I got dragged along to and it was the only thing I bought.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 10-Feb-20 08:48:05

I use Superdrug’s mua, black tube with metallic green cap. I think it was £4.

SpeckledyHen Mon 10-Feb-20 10:42:07

Mua it is then ! Thank you

cowboy Fri 14-Feb-20 17:16:35

Soap and glory is my go to. It's nice to apply too.

SpeckledyHen Fri 14-Feb-20 22:20:09

Thanks Cowboy I’ll try that one . The Mua one is flaking badly sad

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 14-Feb-20 22:43:17

It never does that to me, usually they smudge on me after a few hours but that one stayed put. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.

If you’ve got the receipt Superdrug do refunds. I took a foundation back once.

Chuffingchuff Fri 14-Feb-20 22:48:46

Barry M does one, I got mine in Boots.

Aughrim18 Fri 14-Feb-20 22:53:11

Dr Hauskua make up is very very gentle biodynamic etc

AcrobaticCardigan Sat 15-Feb-20 12:32:49


SpeckledyHen Sat 15-Feb-20 14:37:16

Thanks all . I’ll have a look in the shops on Monday.

ToftheB Sat 15-Feb-20 17:56:42

Collection makeup is all vegan and cruelty free. The lash surge mascara is excellent (and only a fiver).

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