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Best colour correcting under eye concealer reccomendations

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nobigotsallowed Thu 10-Oct-19 10:37:27


So my under eyes reguarly look crap. Whether it's puffiness due to lack of sleep or dark circles due sleep or a wonderful combination of the two confused, I definitely need some intervention.

I'm heading out to Boots in a bit, so needs to be high street.

I understand that if it's puffiness, highlighter type concealers are not the way to go and also, the dark circles need colour correcting before or whilst concealing.

Any ideas?


SprinkleOfInsanity Thu 10-Oct-19 10:49:55

I recently bought the Becca under eye brightening corrector, as I've got HORRIFIC inherited dark circles that were still peeking through concealer alone. The Becca stuff is fantastic, and makes my dark circles vanish with just the tiniest amount of concealer on top. It's available in boots, as is the e.l.f under eye setting powder which is great for lightly dusting over the whole under eye area to make the colour corrector and concealer not settle in to fine lines (it's not the horror show of 'baking' that you see all you do youtubers do - don't worry).

Less is more with it all.

Hollycatberry Thu 10-Oct-19 12:42:09

I second the Becca under eye corrector too. Got mine earlier this year and wouldnt be without it. Brightens but also is a slightly thicker texture to iron out bags and lines. I go in with a makeup revolution concealor over the top but as @SprinkleOfInsanity says you dont need as much because the Becca has done all the heavy work.

whymewhyme Thu 10-Oct-19 12:49:22

Maybelline eraser concealer, they do different versions theres a nurtiliser, brightening on and a normal concealer all got rave reviews.

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