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Retin A

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Smiler1972 Wed 14-Aug-19 19:49:41

I'm in Spain and bought two tubes of Retirides 0.025. Should I have got one 0.025 and one 0.05 - no idea how long to use one strength before going to the next one?

Primarily for ageing, lines and wrinkles. I'm 47 and generally have good skin but looking very tired and dull lately. Also saggy.

EatenByDinosaurs Wed 14-Aug-19 21:16:59

@Smiler1972 I use the 0.025% and I've no plans to ever move up to the 0.05.

My dermatologist maintains that for anti-aging the 0.025 is perfect. In trials it ended up having the same results as the 0.05 anyway, it just took a shade longer to get those results.

Hope you're enjoying Spain! smile

Smiler1972 Wed 14-Aug-19 21:45:33

Thank you @EatenByDinosaurs that's good to hear - I immediately regretted getting two but it's good to hear you are sticking at 0.025. Do you get good results?

Spain is great but very hot - the pool is at 30 degrees!

EatenByDinosaurs Wed 14-Aug-19 21:53:01

@Smiler1972 I would have said two tubes was conservative tbh, a little goes a long way, but its less faff than trying to order it from the UK I gather (I'm in the US so its easier) smile

Yes, I've had amazing results, its been a miraculous change, no exaggeration. I will be a devotee for life now, I wish I'd started it years ago as my skin is flawless and fresh 100% of the time now smile

Spain sounds amazing, I love the heat! I hope you have a really fab time smile

Smiler1972 Wed 14-Aug-19 21:58:17

My parents have a place here so someone is out here regularly so can get more. They are definitely back in October but then not until spring so can stock up again smile

I'm looking forward to trying it out - once I'm back to dull UK and no sunshine.

EatenByDinosaurs Wed 14-Aug-19 22:06:35

That's ideal, and lovely to be able to visit too grin.
I'm not sure I could live somewhere that isn't very sunny anymore, I've spent too long basking in hot places, and we live Arizona, I don't think I'm a warmblooded being anymore! smile

Carrotcakeforbreakfast Thu 15-Aug-19 10:53:25

Sorry to hijack the thread but where is the best place to source Retin A here in the UK?

Smiler1972 Thu 15-Aug-19 11:40:36

It's prescription only in the UK. I searched previous threads and saw a recommendation for that offer a monthly skincare package - not sure if it's Retin A specific or not but it says prescription medications.

mrpenny Thu 15-Aug-19 18:36:33

I have surplus Retin A. PM if interested.

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