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Shall I keep this kaftan I got in the next sale or not? Will I wear a kaftan? Do you?

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bozza Wed 25-Jul-07 21:27:55

Am going on hols to south of France. First chance of decent sunshine for years. I have never worn a kaftan before but now I am a 34yo MO2. I am very fair skinned so thought I may need to cover up but have always just had sarongs in the past.

So, anyway, I ordered this kaftan from Next - bargain, £12 down from £35. It is white cotton with mother of pearl stuff down the front. But it is knee length. Is that too long? Should I search (with limited time and funds) for a shorter one, be happy with this one or not bother at all?

What d'ya think?

lou33 Wed 25-Jul-07 21:31:20

can you post a pic?

MrsBadger Wed 25-Jul-07 21:32:43

I have a brown one with gold sequins - tis mid thigh lnegth and I wear it as a top over jeans as it's too short to wear alone
Keep it

dressedupnowheretogo Wed 25-Jul-07 21:33:31

i have a skinny belt i use for head band also so i can wrap my katans shorter or long and tie my hair back but not all at the same time

lou33 Wed 25-Jul-07 21:34:49

i have a few btw of varying lengths, they are good for beaches, and in winter i use them as nighties when i get cold

alycat Wed 25-Jul-07 21:36:23

I faffed around for ages trying to decide kaftan/sarong - staying at posh hotel, not as slim as used to be and like a quick cover up when wandering around always done sarongs in the past.

Picked up a cheesecloth Monsoon one and nearly fainted at the £40 tag, got a black Next one with buttony things down the front then found a lovely black cheescloth bardot style (can be worn off the shoulder) one from BHS (gasp)took back the Next one.

Virtually lived in mine all hols,no sarongs round our hotel pool - although all the wealthy lwl types had bright Pucci ones as sold in the hotel shop for £250CY (approx £300GB!!!)

Good luck, have a fab hol.

bozza Wed 25-Jul-07 21:38:25

See that was what put me off lou. The fact that it did rather look like a nightie. But I am getting overall positive vibes.

lou33 Wed 25-Jul-07 21:39:29

no lol they dont look like them i just use them as such in iwnter, getting value for money!

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