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Pretty macs with hoods for me AND 3yo DD1 - ?

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franch Fri 22-Jun-07 14:42:14

But not matching please

Hideehi Fri 22-Jun-07 16:30:59

boden's autum range for both, go on match you know you want to

franch Fri 22-Jun-07 17:24:20

franch Fri 22-Jun-07 17:27:34

Have actually tried on the boden macs before, they didn't suit me. Can't find the girls' ones online ...

NotQuiteCockney Tue 26-Jun-07 06:33:17

I bought this for my DS2. (yes, it's a girl's one.) Their other raincoats are very nice, too.

KTeePee Tue 26-Jun-07 06:40:00

Apparently Millets have nice ones for girls - don't know about adults though....

franch Tue 26-Jun-07 15:57:23

thanks ktp

nqc - I've never ordered from abroad before - are there no problems with extra charges/tax etc?

NotQuiteCockney Tue 26-Jun-07 17:45:36

It's inside the EU, so it's fine. I have ordered from them twice now at least, and had no problems at all.

franch Tue 26-Jun-07 18:22:16

ah excellent. Very nice stuff. Just have to find something for ME now - been searching for years for something with a hood that I don't feel stupid in

NotQuiteCockney Tue 26-Jun-07 18:54:24

Their clothes are really nice, particularly the girls' stuff. I did a giant order, buying stuff for all the girl children of friends back home, for our upcoming visit.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 27-Jun-07 11:07:19

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 27-Jun-07 11:07:38

Message withdrawn

TheDuchessOfNorks Wed 27-Jun-07 11:34:13

Kidorable for DD1 - we have the lotus raincoat, a cow print and the bee. They're brilliant.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 27-Jun-07 11:35:18

Message withdrawn

TheDuchessOfNorks Wed 27-Jun-07 11:36:30

That's a US site - they are widely available in UK too.

TheDuchessOfNorks Wed 27-Jun-07 11:39:48

The lotus does have a popper-on hood by the way - you can't see it in the photograph. All the others have stitched on hoods.

<special raincoat police>

NotQuiteCockney Wed 27-Jun-07 14:48:10

Cod, he's two. He's not at school, he doesn't care.

I don't think I'd put DS1 (5, at school) in a girl's coat, unless he wanted to wear it.

franch Fri 29-Jun-07 16:36:55

Grr. Saw a woman in this one in the park the other day - looked really nice - but too pricey for me

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