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Another Do You Like This Dress one!

(19 Posts)
JessiCake Thu 24-May-18 11:28:21

I've just ordered this, is it nice?!

I don't really 'do' summer dresses so it's a departure for me, I have very minimalist style and feel happiest in navy/black with splashes of colour.

I don't work in an office or anything so this is just a dress to take me through the summer, some sightseeing in a (warm) European city next week, the school run, a couple of casual meetings etc.

I have a shoulder issue grin, basically prefer to keep them covered as I have a large mole I'm self-conscious about, but I can get warm in the armpit region so like as much air wafting there as possible! Hence I thought the airy cap sleeves on this would be good.

But is it the 'wrong' style of dress to wear with eg white trainers? Is it a tiny bit too formal/slightly the wrong length, and if so, do you think I'm restricted to wearing it with sandals? Not a massive problem if so but I'd like it to be versatile!

fwiw I'm 41, size 10ish and tall. And VERY pale grin

Strongbeatsskinny Thu 24-May-18 11:35:47

I think it’s not suitable to wear with trainers just sandals.

JessiCake Thu 24-May-18 11:37:50

Strong, that's my gut instinct too. I have some nice khaki flat sandals that will work with it and some heeled tan ones. It's something about the length/straightness of the skirt, I think.

Maybe, though, a plimsoll-type trainer, the old school kind but with no laces, if you see what I mean? Sort of the ballet pump of trainers!

BitOutOfPractice Thu 24-May-18 12:13:26

I think it would great with trainers and maybe a denim jacket. Or with sandals. It's lovely

Bettyfood Thu 24-May-18 12:23:11

It's the sort of inoffensive dress that can be worn for casual wear all summer.

kikashi Thu 24-May-18 12:26:32

I like the dress. How it could be worn might depend on how clingy the jersey/material turns out to be. I think since you are tall the length will be ok and not swamp you. I could see it being worn white plimsolls/trainers etc. It is a viscose jersey though so might be a bit sweatier (despite being thinner) than a cotton jersey. Doesn't look too formal at all since it is made from a stretchy, thin material.

JessiCake Thu 24-May-18 12:46:41

Thanks everyone!
Betty, I'm laughing at 'inoffensive'!! It's true, and precisely why I'm branching out of my usual summer-wear. Surely even I can't look too shocking in this one?!
Hadn't thought of the viscose factor... hmm... I guess I'm so used to sweltering through the summer in long sleeves and trousers, albeit in cotton or linen, that I was fondly imagining a floaty dress wouldn't be any sweatier than that. That said, I don't wear much viscose, usually I go for natural fabrics, so that might end up being the deal-breaker.

Love the idea of a denim jacket with it, though, but don't have one! Hmmm, this could turn into an expensive £27.99 I've just spent...

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 24-May-18 13:27:57

I think it's in a minimalist style so actually very versatile. You could wear with sandals or white pumps; particularly if you're tall and slim. You could also dress it up with heels and some silver accessories.

As a side note, you can have a mole removed for aesthetic reasons really easily. Nowadays you can opt for cutting, shaving or freezing using liquid nitrogen. All painless and simple outpatient procedures that won't leave you with noticeable scarring.

I would consider removal if your mole is restricting what you wear and making you self conscious?

halfwitpicker Thu 24-May-18 13:30:25

Stunning dress. Bet its really flattering. Be good with flats or heels I reckon.

halfwitpicker Thu 24-May-18 13:32:01

I think it could look good also with the type of plimsolls (am I allowed to say that) that you describe

JessiCake Thu 24-May-18 13:34:04

THanks everyone!

ILostIt, I'm actually starting to consider that (the mole removal option) but not sure where to start and worried it could end up quite expensive? That said yes, it's definitely restricting what I feel like I can wear etc so if I could save up or find the money and could find a reputable place to do it, I'm certainly considering it! It's not actually huge but it sticks out and I just hate it!!

JessiCake Thu 24-May-18 13:34:55

Thanks halfwit, I've seen some nice cheap white plimsolls somewhere (can't remember where now!) that are that exact style, the ones that look as if they shoudl have laces but don't , if you see what I mean!

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Thu 24-May-18 13:40:32

It’s adorable. Yes to sneakers or sandals.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 24-May-18 13:44:42

I've got my eye on some nice plain white plimsolls like you describe in Tescos (Around £18) Just waiting for my Club Card vouchers!

I had a sticky out mole (not the technical term) removed on the NHS about 10 years ago as my gp agreed it was catching on clothes and causing discomfort. I appreciate the NHS is strapped through.
It was really quick- just frozen off with liquid nitrogen within a few seconds and left a small pink mark.

cornishstripes Thu 24-May-18 14:24:37

lovely dress - agree with the other comments.

Mercurial123 Thu 24-May-18 15:31:39

Nice dress nothing to dislike.

JessiCake Thu 24-May-18 20:57:44

ILostIt, I've just treated myself, for the princely sum of 8 quid, to some very sweet broderie plimsolls from the Tesco website, which I think (I hope!) will work with this dress and the Hush one I bought a few weeks ago but haven't dared to wear yet.*F%26F+Display*Shopping+GSC+%7C+Womens+%7C+Brand*PRODUCT+GROUP716-0680*&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3ZLu55Cf2wIVQkAbCh3Hvg23EAQYASABEgIdKfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CIvznuqQn9sCFVEg0wodDaUCHA

I'm hoping they might bridge the gap between a sportier trainer and a ballet pump, and be another option I can wear with dresses rather than just sandals.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 24-May-18 21:04:39

I like them. Bloody bargain, you've got to love Tescos grin

abitoflight Thu 24-May-18 21:20:03

No idea what fit like in oasis so I'm going to have to go to Debenhams to find it tomorrow in my lunch break
I really like it

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