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Loose powder - light, translucent and oil absorbing - recommendations please!

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MascaraGirl Mon 12-Mar-18 11:28:17

My beloved Corn Silk Translucent Loose Powder has been discontinued – I need something that’s very fine, translucent and oil absorbing.

Any ideas? I don’t mind if it’s a premium brand, I’m desperate!

BillywigSting Mon 12-Mar-18 11:34:33

I quite lush's translucent powder for oil control. (it's just about the only bit of makeup apart from the odd lip stain that's worth getting from there tbh)

BillywigSting Mon 12-Mar-18 11:37:16

Or hourglass do a really lovely light weight shine control translucent setting powder.

It's pressed not loose but feels very weightless and does a great job at keeping the oil at bay

nothingwittyhere Mon 12-Mar-18 11:49:13

Laura Mercier for spendy and Boots No7 for budget.

PaperdollCartoon Mon 12-Mar-18 11:51:29

I’ve tried so many loose powders and the only one I ever finish is Boots No.7. I don’t know why I insist on buying others to try when I always go back to that... confused
I don’t have oily skin though, but I do sweat a lot so powders have to withstand that.

N0tfinished Mon 12-Mar-18 17:32:18

I like the Boots No7 one too

MascaraGirl Tue 13-Mar-18 21:43:10

Thanks everyone - I bought the Boots No 7 loose powder, and will be road testing it in the morning. The holes in the packaging only dispense a few tiny flakes of powder though, and i ended up requiring DH (plus screw driver) to help me break into the pot!!!

MascaraGirl Wed 14-Mar-18 13:59:52

Well so far so good with the Boots No 7 – it looked and felt fine when I applied it this morning. Although I’m definitely going to decant it into a different type of pot. I had to re-powder before I went out on my lunch break (but that’s the same with my Corn Silk powder, nothing keeps me matte longer than a couple of hours). So maybe I’ve just found a suitable replacement! Quite a bargain for £10.50. I read a lot of good stuff about Laura Mercier, but it’s nearly 3 times the price. No 7 do some really nice products these days.

AmethystMoon Wed 14-Mar-18 15:45:10

I’ve used No 7 loose powder since I was 14 (28 years!). Interestingly the only time I’ve used anything else it was Corn Silk, I’m sad to hear that has been discontinued.

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