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Where Can I Sell My Clothes/Bags/Shoes and at What Price?

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AnaViaSalamanca Sun 11-Feb-18 19:38:12

So I am doing a clearout and have decided to get rid of a bunch of things. There are designer bags, high street clothes (LKB, jigsaw etc) and some shoes. The thing is however I am very very busy, and have no time for corresponding back and forth with tens of people and the general wastage of time. I want a quick solution before I dump the lot at a charity shop.

I have previously tried vestiaire (to sell a bag) which was a spectacular failure. There was A LOT of interest, tens of offers, but in the end nobody was serious about it. It is actually a very annoying site where you cannot accept multiple offers, but there is no binding agreement that the person has to honor the offer and buy the item, so you would be sitting day after day accepting the offer and nothing happens. Similar happened with ebay and depop. And I have never sold anything so not sure how to price them. Does 20% of RRP make sense?

Any ideas?

PNGirl Sun 11-Feb-18 19:55:07

Can you send the bags to a resale site? Like labelsmostwanted or npnbags?

For clothes and shoes I've never found anything better than a short auction on eBay TBH.

megansmandstop Sun 11-Feb-18 20:01:34

How about a pre loved shop in your local area? The commission will usually be steeper than e.g. eBay or Vestiare but the plus is that you can offload a lot of stuff in one meeting and let them get on with selling.

The one nearest me takes designer, plus high end high street, like the brands you mention, plus other high street if she thinks it will sell; previously sought after bits from Top Shop, Zara, Cos...faux furs, pleated skirts, slogan sweatshirts etc. You just book an appointment to take stuff down, so time wise is minimal and one off. I think she takes 50% but for expensive designer items she’ll negotiate a decent price between what you want it to go for and what she can sell for.

AnaViaSalamanca Sun 11-Feb-18 21:10:04

megansmandstop thanks, I have to look for these shops, this is exactly what I want, but I wasn't sure they existed. Do you happen to know any in London? Any chains?

PNGirl thanks, hadn't heard of these sites, will check them out. ebay seems to be too much of a headache though, I was checking up a few items and people were selling them for like £2-3, that would really waste my time if I want to do one by one....

PNGirl Mon 12-Feb-18 07:16:55

Unfortunately, High Street clothes as in tops and dresses don't fetch mutch online if worn. In the last year I've sold things like ankle boots and leather jackets for £50-£150 but they needed to be popular brands to shift such as AllSaints.

megansmandstop Mon 12-Feb-18 08:45:31

No I'm not in London and I doubt they exist as chains. Bit difficult not knowing where you live, but I bet places like Richmond, Kingston, Greenwich would have such a shop. Slightly out of the centre, you want to look at the smaller parades of shops in more suburban areas.

Here, I just googled "pre loved shops Richmond" and this came up, exactly the sort of place I mean (I don't know this one at all though, just googled!)

So if you might have to travel a little, but it would be once to drop the clothes off, and once to pick your money up (they might even bank transfer or paypal you). Call a few and tell them the brands you have, they won't waste either of your time if they can't sell them, and might recommend somewhere else?

Globetrotter100 Mon 12-Feb-18 09:34:20

Pandora in Knightsbridge used to be good but I haven't used them for years.

QueenOfTheAndals Mon 12-Feb-18 11:15:02

Where in London are you OP? I know a good boutique in north London that you could try.

AnaViaSalamanca Mon 12-Feb-18 12:00:21

QueenOfTheAndals Yes north London actually, please let me know.

megansmandstop thanks, you have given me great starting points!

LoginLogan Mon 12-Feb-18 12:03:13

What clothe and show size are you OP out of interest?

QueenOfTheAndals Mon 12-Feb-18 12:31:48

@AnaViaSalamanca I've PMed you.

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