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Facial epilators?

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Mammyofonlyone Thu 07-Dec-17 23:50:44

I need a facial epilator for thick dark hairs on my lip and chin. What should I buy?
I have one of those spring things but couldn’t really get away with it. I’m explicate my legs, bikini and armpits but want something smaller just for my face.
Any recommendations?

Mammyofonlyone Fri 08-Dec-17 23:00:52

I never get any responses on style a beauty - is that a sign in itself?!?!

poppysqueak Fri 08-Dec-17 23:33:17

Hi Mammy
Sorry I can't link but I have found the Philips Facial Precision Trimmer (on Amazon for £15) excellent for facial hair removal. I have had mine for over 2 years and it's still going strong.
You need to use it with a light touch and fairly slowly or it can leave a little red mark. Once you get the hang of it it's really easy and very effective.

SerendipityFelix Sat 09-Dec-17 03:23:03

Oh my immediate response was the springy stick thing! I find it excellent, picks up stubborn ones I couldn’t get with tweezers as well as long fine ones I hadn’t even noticed (but, others had, thanks buddies for telling me!).

When you say can’t get away with it do you mean it’s not ‘enough’ for your needs or you can’t work it efficiently?

mommybear1 Sat 09-Dec-17 03:49:35

Hi I use a Braun one very good - top tip though buy rechargeable batteries I read lots of reviews before I bought mine and they all said how quickly the batteries on it died - they were right!

NotAgainYoda Sat 09-Dec-17 05:08:34

If you can afford it, I'd get a home IPL - I have Philips Lumea and it's pretty good. Don't have to be on constant tweezer patrol

Electric epilator hurt quite a lot

The spring things are a cheap alternative to epilator and just as good IMO

Mammyofonlyone Sat 09-Dec-17 07:28:51

Thanks everyone. Poppy does your trimmer ‘trim’ ie cut the hair, or pull it out?
Re the springy stick thing, I just mean I can’t seem to work it very well. Any tips?

NotAgainYoda Sat 09-Dec-17 08:51:59

Bend it into an inverse U shape and press it as you roll t to keep it close to the skin and still bent. It is tricky on the contours of the face like the chin, but I found the epilator just the same. I once cut myself on the chin with the epilator too!

Honestly, IPL is good for dark tough hairs. You have to keep on it, and you save in between - which is fine BTW

NotAgainYoda Sat 09-Dec-17 08:52:27

shave not save

loveka Sat 09-Dec-17 08:52:54

I would love tips on the springy thing too. I just can't seem to get it to work.

I (probably stupidly) bought the Tweezerman version, so it's £20 down the drain if I can't use it!

HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Sat 09-Dec-17 08:55:11

Braun. Pulls the hairs out really well, even if short.

poppysqueak Sat 09-Dec-17 22:19:49

Hi Mammy
Sorry for delay in replying. The Trimmer trims really close to skin, doesn't pull hairs out.

Wellhellothere1 Sun 10-Dec-17 08:30:18

I just use the same body epilator on my face. It's never a problem.

SerendipityFelix Sun 10-Dec-17 08:47:20

I watched some videos on YouTube to get the hang of the springy stick thing. It was easier to watch other people doing it than trying to visualise it myself!

Another vote for home IPL though, I just got a Lumea in the Black Friday sale, only done one session each on legs, pits and face so far but already noticed regrowth is a LOT slower so have high hopes.

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