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Please talk to me about skincare

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Sindri Sun 05-Nov-17 23:36:07

I really need to up my game. I'm now in late 40s with rosacea and sporting a few extra stone pounds and feel a bit rubbish.

My skin used to be quite good with a slick of Nivea but I fear I am past that.

I've tried treatment from the Drs for the rosacea and it didn't help. It's more a red patch on my cheek that i can successfully hide if i apply my make up correctly.

I need to get a proper routine going but I get put off with all the different types of cream etc. So, I thought about picking something up in either Lidl or Aldi when I do my shop tomorrow. I can go to either.

Can anyone recommend anything for me please? (Or do I need to get more expensive stuff?).


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