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Clueless about skin stuff.

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Undercoverbanana Wed 04-Oct-17 08:20:19

My GP has told me to start using a moisturiser with sun cream in.

I am 49, am a very outdoorsy person and have started getting blotchy rashes on my face. My GP told me that my skin has started to react to the sun and that I should start protecting my skin. I have never used moisturiser and only put sun cream on very rarely in my life in hot countries.

I don't do make uppy type things and am lost. I use Vaseline on my lips - that's all. GP says I shouldn't use this on my whole face.

I need something cheap and that doesn't smell too much. I am a very sweaty runner so whatever I put on needs to not make me sweat more than I already do and that won't just drip off me (can that even happen?).

Any advice please?

Undercoverbanana Wed 04-Oct-17 17:26:15

Nobody? I thought you lot knew about all this stuff.

Please don't make me have to ask a painted lady in Boots. I just can't.

BumWad Wed 04-Oct-17 17:33:27

Hi undercover

You absolutely don’t need anything expensive but agree with your GP that a good moisturiser with spf will help your skin. I would also use a night cream so that your skin can renew in the night and will give it added moisture Boots simply range Yourgoodskin

I hear the small Nivea blue tin is great as a night cream and cheap too

smilesandsun Wed 04-Oct-17 17:38:31


What about using basic neutrogena moisturiser you can get it at boots, I like the pink one. it doesn't smell and soaks in so won't drip off

i'd use a seperate moisturiser try a kids one for sensitive skin from boots too I use the kids Nivea one and like it.

I also like the la roche posey sunscreen but is more expensive.

use a cleanser at night too though to get the sunscreen off

Undercoverbanana Wed 04-Oct-17 18:50:22

Mmmmm - thanks for the replies. At least I can go into Boots looking confident and purposeful rather than having to ask the full-face, Scouse eyebrow and fake-nails women at the front. So can I just go to the "normal" aisles for these types of products (and don't have to breathe in the hideous perfumes near the doors)?

MilfordFound Wed 04-Oct-17 19:14:17

Moisturisers with spf are not great as sun protection. You'd be better off using a moisturiser then a separate spf30+. I like the boots Soltan range as they have 5* uva protection.

BumWad Wed 04-Oct-17 21:52:52

You absolutely won’t have to speak to anyone

Get to the regular skincare aisles and browse at your leisure

Also agree with getting a good face wash if you’re using an spf in the day (cetaphil is good for sensitive skin)

smilesandsun Thu 05-Oct-17 17:59:00

Oh yes cetaphil is good so is bioderma micellar water (my favourite) ... cheap and very effective!

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