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If she likes Chanel No 22...

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LittleMysMoominMamma Tue 04-Jul-17 08:59:50

What else might she like?

I made the mistake of giving my DM a sample of the above and, of course, she loves it - not the £140+ price tag though!

With an impending birthday, can anyone suggest something in the same vein within about the £50-£80 price range please? thanks

Blondielongie Tue 04-Jul-17 09:06:28

The bodylotion? Although she might be disappointed when she sees the bag and its not perfume.

LittleMysMoominMamma Tue 04-Jul-17 09:20:52

Ha ha Blondie, she'd bloody kill me if it wasn't a perfume! grin

I think she'd be delighted with another of the (less expensive) Chanel perfumes, but her taste is very different to mine so not sure which to go for.

LittleMysMoominMamma Tue 04-Jul-17 18:54:19

Bumping in desperate hope that the evening crowd can help please...

HughLauriesStubble Tue 04-Jul-17 19:12:28

My mum likes the Chanel perfumes and she also likes Gucci so maybe one of their scents?

Blondielongie Tue 04-Jul-17 20:28:11

Have you looked on fragrantina?

They have 'if you like this, try this'.

PollyPerky Tue 04-Jul-17 20:39:51

Is that new? I didn't know there was a 22?

LittleMysMoominMamma Tue 04-Jul-17 21:45:12

Thanks Hugh, I think I'm going to end up trying a load in duty free later this week, so will try Gucci.

Polly, no its not new, it's part of the 'exclusifs' range, only available at Chanel boutiques, Selfridges etc. (they do sell them online now too though I wear Coromandel from this range and got a bottle for my birthday, hence the sample of No 22. I've always managed to get decants in the past, but typically can't find any now.

Blondie I did look at Fragrantica, but most of the recommendations were for other perfumes in the same price range. I think I need to learn a lesson here.... don't give samples of perfumes you can't afford to buy as gifts grin

Haffiana Tue 04-Jul-17 21:49:46

No 22 is very aldehydic, with a powdery, creamy, smokey, rather incensey vibe. I would suggest that Le Dix by Balenciaga has a similar vibe, although Le Dix also has a prominent violet note.

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