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I have a hole on my chin

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HLBug Sun 02-Jul-17 12:03:09

I had a spot (one of those bastardly sore pre Aunt Flow ones) on my chin. I tried really really hard not to pick / poke / squeeze ... but willpower is not my friend. The spot is now gone and I'm left with what can only be described as an angry red hole where the spot once was. It's minging and will not heal properly. What can I do?? And how can I make it look better??

user1498990621 Sun 02-Jul-17 12:16:04

Leave it alone for a couple of days - new skin should heal it nicely. Patience and leave it alone is my advice smile

hippadoppaloppagorillapig Sun 02-Jul-17 23:07:40

Put Savlon on it twice a day, morning & night. Will soon heal up.

burnishedsilver Sun 02-Jul-17 23:49:21

Show it to a pharmacist and ask for advice, especially as it's not healing.

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