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Help me work on my skin with oil advice please

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2littlemoos Fri 23-Jun-17 15:13:24

Still suffer from acne but it's the scarring on my cheeks that is the worst and gives the illusion I have more spots!

I've heard rose oil is good for scarring? So I am considering buying that.

What else is good, generally. Are there any concotions you make up?

I am also going to start using SPF on my face. Would this go on before or after the oil? Or should I only use the oil at night?

Many thanks

mintbiscuit Fri 23-Jun-17 18:32:23

What do you mean by scarring? If you mean indents etc. unlikely any topical products will help. You would need to see a professional/derm for recs.

If you mean brown spots (referred to as PIH) niacinamide and vit c products will help to fade them as will retinoids.

If you mean red spots which linger after spot has gone (known as PIE) only time or laser treatment works.

I love rosehip oil but have never found it to work on any of my scarring.

Spf last step in skincare but before make up.

2littlemoos Sat 24-Jun-17 09:52:48

Thank you mint

It's PIE. Arg how annoying! It's always the spots on the cheeks that leave red scars for months! They fade and then I get more spots angry

dglv1 Sat 24-Jun-17 10:44:12


I'm only nineteen, but I hope I can be of some help?

I am very conscious of my spot scars and revamped my skin care routine about a month ago in the hopes to improve it. I went to Kiehls for a kind of skin type assessment and they gave me some great advice as well as lining up the products that would best suit me (only bought the face wash as a poor student haha, but I took a picture of the recommendations). A trip to Kiehls would probably be very helpful smile

However in terms of oils to try and reduce my scarring I've used rosehip oil (I found the cheapest in Waitrose at about £12) which I apply a couple of times during the day. And a body shop Vitamin E oil which I use overnight (I think it was £15/16?). I've found my skin looking so so much better!

I really hope this is of some kind of use! Good luck trying to find a solution grin and let us know if you find a solution!

dglv1 Sat 24-Jun-17 10:44:46

Here's a picture of the oils for you!

chartreuse Sat 24-Jun-17 13:08:57

Try this Bioderma cream for your scarring. I had a dreadful outbreak of dermatitis on my face, and this cleared it up and I was left with no scarring and beautiful clear skin. I think this stuff is miraculous!

Shop Sat 24-Jun-17 16:52:02

After reading on here I use La Roche Posay cicaplast b5 on spots once they are healing. The red marks reduce really quickly then.

RoseVase2010 Sat 24-Jun-17 16:53:41

Vitamin E oil. Jason do a good one I swear by for scarring and it's cheap too.

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