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I can't be the only one who has this bra problem!

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BigDamnHero Thu 15-Jun-17 12:02:18

It only happens with certain bras. Normally sort of t-shirt type ones (I don't really know about different kinds of bra).

The outer fabric on the cups sort of bunches up slightly at the bottom, which pulls the top of the cup so it curls forwards/down.

I can't be the only one to have this problem? Does anyone have a fix for it (other than buying a new bra, which I can't afford right now)?

My brother's wedding is a week on Saturday and the bra I'll need to wear under my dress has a tendency towards the weird curling forward thing. How can I stop it?

AnneOfCleavage Thu 15-Jun-17 12:04:18

Would tit tape work do you think? It's not a long term solution but may help you out for the wedding dilemma!

20thcenturybitch Thu 15-Jun-17 12:15:10

I know exactly what you mean. Pretty sure machine washing is the culprit. I think often the layers are made of different materials and they don't shrink equally causing the odd shape. Sadly I haven't found a great fix. Ironing edge of cup (carefully on low temp) can help temporarily but it does creep back

Rumtopf Thu 15-Jun-17 12:39:32

I've had this on a few bras, I think I must have been washing them on too hot a temp and the materials didn't have the same shrinkage.

BigDamnHero Thu 15-Jun-17 13:36:30

Ah, machine washing may well be to blame. It makes sense that it's causing by the different fabrics shrinking at different rates. Though, I rarely wash anything at above 40C!

Anne, not sure tit tape would help (especially since I was ill a couple of weeks back and suddenly lost a load of weight so the bra is not as snug on my boobs as it could be) but if I find any of my old tape from Uni days I'll try it.

20th, I'll try ironing along the edge to see if it helps. Though, that does involve locating our iron... blush

RoseVase2010 Thu 15-Jun-17 14:34:02

Yes, I've cut the curl off as an emergency measure and the three layers of fabric all settled at different levels, obviously the different materials cope differently with washing.

Bra fitted perfectly after the snip! Looked awful though still only DH saw the awful bit

BigDamnHero Thu 15-Jun-17 17:49:04

That's an extreme measure, Rose, but it is tempting. I'd be worried about fraying, though.

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