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Summer trousers

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CheerBreeder Wed 24-May-17 21:49:11

Can anyone recommend some thin harem style summer trousers which don't end up baggy and stretched on the knees after sitting down? I have a few pairs from H&M which I love for hot weather but have that issue with them.

CheerBreeder Wed 24-May-17 23:29:37

Anyone? smile

LadyOfTheCanyon Thu 25-May-17 07:01:43

I think that's the nature of the beast, unfortunately. I buy a size down to avoid this as much as I can, as the fabric seems to "relax" over the course of the day.
I bought a lovely pair for £10 in Tescos last week, if that helps?

CheerBreeder Thu 25-May-17 19:12:31

Oh getting a size down is a good idea, I love them for holiday but you sit down for 5 minutes and have banana shaped legs for the rest of the day confused

imjessie Thu 25-May-17 19:25:19

Next have loads of these type of trousers. They do go baggy though , size down to start with .

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