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Is this too formal?

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MissFancyPants Sat 20-May-17 00:23:58

for dinner at a posh restaurant?

burnishedsilver Sat 20-May-17 00:28:58

No. Not too formal. I like it.

HorraceTheOtter Sat 20-May-17 00:32:55

No, I think it's lovely.

MeltingSnowflake Sat 20-May-17 00:33:04

It's lovely, but I would say a tad formal - unless it's a really big occasion w/ lots of people - perhaps an engagement party at a restaurant or something.

But if you're comfortable in it and it boosts your confidence, then go for it!

MissFancyPants Sat 20-May-17 00:37:36

It's only dinner with a few people but v formal restaurant. Not a dress code or anything but lots of courses, cordon bleu food, expensive wine list etc.

The dress isn't my favourite/most comfortable option but it is the least conspicuous/ostentatious option!!

I bought it for a wedding and haven't worn it since.

Maybe I'll see how I feel on the day.

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