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Not quite ingrown hairs but bumpy legs

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Nicketynac Tue 11-Apr-17 20:25:42

Just looking for some summer leg advice. My leg hairs are not quite ingrown, as in they rarely end up as spots, but rather grow almost sideways, just underneath the skin but clearly visible and bumpy to touch. They are not painful but annoying. If I shave I get terrible irritation so I use an epilator but this obviously misses the hairs which haven't popped through.I have used hair removal creams in the past but found them ineffective for the same reason.
I exfoliate with a glove or body scrub twice a week which helps but not enough.
I use Paula's Choice BHA on my face and it occurs to me that something similar might be great for my legs but I can't afford to use the one I have on such a large area, especially if it won't help.
Does anyone have any cheaper (or better) ideas?

Kapoww Wed 12-Apr-17 17:23:40

Check out Ameliorate. It's really good for this.

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