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Ballerinas and Flip Flops

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TentUpFirstBunkUpLater Fri 07-Apr-17 23:45:30

How does anyone manage to walk in ballerinas for any length of time? I see many threads on MN where someone will just chuck in the fact that they will be wearing something with 'ballerinas'

I find myself clawing my toes to keep on ANY shoe that does not have a strap and ballerinas are soooo flat that I do not think they are good for your feet.

I have a very good friend that spent a lot of time on a walking holiday wearing very flat shoes and ended up with plantar faciitis (sp) as there was not enough support for her feet. She was off work for 2 months.

If I am wearing a lower/flattish shoe, I need a small heel, or some kind of support for my foot and a strap. Otherwise my toes claw to keep them on.

All of my shoes with heels (high or low) have some kind of strap; ankle or Mary-Jane. I am unable to wear court shoes as my toes claw to keep them on. Is it just me?

most boring shoe thread ever

Disclaimer I have many beautiful shoes and boots with strap and laces grin grin

Strigoi Fri 07-Apr-17 23:48:39

I recently discovered Unisa ballets. Very comfortable to walk in and they stay on, unlike all the Dune ballets I've bought over the years, or the M&S ballets which stretched immediately and kept falling off.

kel1493 Fri 07-Apr-17 23:56:07

I wear ballet pump shoes regularly and have no problem at all

AlexanderHamilton Sat 08-Apr-17 00:04:54

It partly depends on the construction of your foot. Dd has a high instep & can't wear ballet flats at all, she simply walks out of them.

burnishedsilver Sat 08-Apr-17 00:37:36

Bare feet, as nature intended, are completely flat. Personally, I have no discomfort in any of the shoes you mention and my lower back is happier with a totally flat shoe. Horses for courses.

EatsLeavesAndShit Sat 08-Apr-17 07:58:23

Wearing ballet flats all the time gave me plantar fascitis (?) too. Even now if I wear very flat shoes for a few hours it hurts my feet. It's probably different for everyone though, some people might have bulletproof feet so they can wear anything.

In caveman days people did walk barefoot but the ground was softer then, usually sand, grass or mud. Nowadays walking on hard concrete or paved surfaces with no shoes (or near as dammit) is a lot tougher on your feet and legs.

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