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Gap sizing - consistent?

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Freddyfredfred Tue 04-Apr-17 11:06:24


I've seen a few things on the Gap website that I'd like to order. I ordered a couple of tops in a medium a few months ago and they drowned me, so I assume in tops I'd get a small. But are they consistent? If I'd fit a small in a top, would I be a small in a dress? I've seen a dress I like the look of, it says the model is wearing a small in the picture. I am not model sized. I am a curvy, 5ft6, size 12 on average. Probably not a small 12 at the moment either. I have a Gap cardigan that's about 10 years old, that's a medium and it's a little snug. It could have shrunk a bit over the years though.

I wish clothes everywhere fitted exactly the same......

EssentialHummus Tue 04-Apr-17 11:13:20

I find them consistent, and the sizing generous across all lines.

PS - they have a sale on today (which they do frequently, so no pressure) - 30% with ALLGAP.

elfofftheshelf Tue 04-Apr-17 11:14:07

I find Gap sizing runs large. I'm a pear shaped 12 and can get away with their tops and cardigans in a Small, dresses I usually go for the Medium. Jeans sizing is also large - as i wear their true skinnies in a 28. Hope this helps.

Freddyfredfred Tue 04-Apr-17 11:27:12

Thanks, I've got a few hints to go on. The dress I like, I think I'll go medium.

Anybody tried non jeans trousers there?

TVM for tip about sale!

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