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experiences of changing hair stylist after a long time with the same one?

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angelcakerocks Thu 16-Mar-17 18:25:37

I've been seeing the same stylist for a decade, and have overall been pretty happy in that time. As I'm getting older though I feel she tends to see me as a bit 'mumsy' and I always feel a bit mumsy when I come out, although mostly I'm happy with my hair in between, although sometimes leave ages between appointments as she cuts too much off. I'm growing my hair and I'm not sure she's exactly supportive IYSWIM
Last appointment I was pretty unhappy with both the cut (not really what I asked for) and the colour (too brassy but it settled down)
Part of me wants to try elsewhere now really. But at the same time there's a lot about my current stylist that's good and what if I go elsewhere and don't like it and want to go back?
So how do you know when it's run its course - I wondered if anyone had experiences of switching after a long time and how they found it.

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