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Cloud nine and GHD wide straighteners

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purplepandas Sat 04-Mar-17 09:00:36


I still have my v old wide GHD straighteners which are fab but am struggling with the newer ones. I onky got them as a big birthday and didn't really need anything else. I travel a fair but and my old ones wouldn't work properly abroad. Is it just me? The new ones are rubbish and snag my hair and just don't cut the mustard at all.

I still need some ones for abroad so wondered about cloud nine. My hair is madly unruly so cheaper ones do not cut the mustard. I hesitate spending so much again but wondered If anyone else had tried cloud nine wide ones compared to the wide ones. Really disappointed with God and tempted to go back to them but awkward as a pressies from my parents.


purplepandas Sat 04-Mar-17 09:01:06

Sorry, too much cutting the mustard in my post. A long week!

hellsbells99 Sat 04-Mar-17 09:06:10

I have the cloud nine wide ones and love them - although my hairdresser says I need to turn the temperature down. My sister bought new GHDs and they went wrong on holiday too

purplepandas Sat 04-Mar-17 16:20:03

Thanks hellsbells, helpful to know. Really not happy about the change in quality, particularly given the price.

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