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DIY gel nail kits

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happyfeet1 Thu 09-Feb-17 18:26:19

I get bio gel nails every 5 weeks, I love them but I would rather save the money now.

Has anyone tried the DIY gel kits?

I've been looking at the Sensationail ones in Boots but I know EBay have a selection of brands too.

I know they'll probably never look as good as a nail technician can do them but as long as I have decent looking polish chip free for a fortnight at a time I'll be happy!

Jsy123 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:53:18

I have the sensationail kit. It's very good. Your nails will only be good as you make them though. To do mine well I have to dedicate an hour to doing them. I sit at the table and start with my right hand (I'm right handed). I read you should always start painting using the hand you don't write with as you get sloppier along the way and so can finish with your strong hand and get an overall better finish.

You have to be super careful not to get the clear gel too close to the nail bed as after a few days that starts to lift as the nail grows.

I would say, when done well I get a decent 10 - 14 days out of my sensationail nails. It's a bugger to get off so I don't do it that often but weirdly I'm actually planning on doing it tonight!

Kirstyinnorway Thu 09-Feb-17 20:00:23

I have a selection of brands, and just a bog-standard LED lamp from eBay. My polishes are a mix of Red Carpet (can be bought at Markies) and Jessica gel.

Like Jsy I find there is no point in starting at all if you don't have an hour to do it properly.

Look up some tutorials online first - lightly buff the nail surface with a gentle nail file first, and then yes - avoid drowning the nail bed. If you've had plenty manicures you'll have seen the technique anyway!

It really isn't very hard as long as you concentrate and have a steady hand. I get 10-14 days out of mine too, and would really only expect 14 from a professional manicure so I think that's pretty good. A pedi will easily last 21 days and would probably grow out if I didn't take it off!

BillDoor Thu 09-Feb-17 20:07:14

Same here!
I've got the sensationail one and it lasts ages.
Very happy with it. I've saved £36 every 3 weeks.
Plus I don't feel bad if I don't tip... grin

happyfeet1 Thu 09-Feb-17 21:38:45

Thank you everyone that's me sold smile

Unicorn81 Fri 10-Feb-17 16:21:00

This is a good starter kit £40

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