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greying hair going a steely colour

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pallasathena Thu 09-Feb-17 08:35:35

What to do? Do I dye it, highlight it, lowlight it, buy a wig...there's more grey than mousey blonde these days and I'd really like to go silver but don't know what to do or how to do

Hockneypool Thu 09-Feb-17 14:15:44

I have gone grey/ silver over the last year. I had got to the stage where , light brown warm highlights weren't keeping long before the grey came through.

My hairdresser suggested cool ash blond and silver highlights lights and a toner to cool it all down while the grey grew in and the warmer highlights grew out.

I haven't had any more highlights but did have cool toner/ wash in stuff a few times. It's now all grey in brilliant condition and I have no worries about showing the grey.

pallasathena Thu 09-Feb-17 14:52:32

Great advice - thanks!

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