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How to get expensive looking hair?

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keeponkeepinon Wed 08-Feb-17 22:21:34

What are your best tips and tricks for expensive looking hair? What is it that makes the posh hair thing?

Tattydh Wed 08-Feb-17 22:22:05


Disabrie22 Wed 08-Feb-17 22:34:02

I think really glossy long hair in any shade - beautifully layered - AKA Kate Middleton.
For me what makes people look exspensive is a gym toned, skinny body, the above hair and designer bag, great coat.

Lochan Wed 08-Feb-17 22:39:04

Shiney, well cut. Nicely blow dried.
Properly coloured if dyed (i.e. Not one flat shade)

I think that shiney makes the most difference though. I started to get regular compliments on my hair when I switched to a salon bought shampoo - it definitely brings out the shine.

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