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Very warm gloves recommendations

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JDSTER Tue 22-Nov-16 17:51:38

My hands get really cold so I'd like some warm but stylish gloves dh suggested ski type gloves but not the look I'm after!
I like my leather gloves but I find they're just not warm enough

CordeliaFitzgerald Tue 22-Nov-16 18:44:11

I get really cold hands and am always buying gloves in the hope that one day I will find the perfect pair! At the moment I am wearing These which I picked up in Sainsburys a while ago - I just thought they were nice and would do as a mid season glove but they are surprisingly warm, kind of thick felt like material. I also have silk liner gloves which are great as a base under thicker gloves and definitely help keep the heat in - and look better than ski gloves!

nothingwittyhere Tue 22-Nov-16 19:59:40

HumptyDumptyBumpty Tue 22-Nov-16 20:32:17

Cashmere gloves. I got given a Brora pair from work for my birthday and they are the shit. My hands are toasty! Expensive though...

JDSTER Tue 22-Nov-16 21:14:20

Thanks for all the recommendations. Sheepskin look good. Hopefully Celtic and co will do a Black Friday deal?

nothingwittyhere Wed 23-Nov-16 13:20:14

I've had multiple sheepskin gloves from Celtic and find they are unbeatable at keeping my hands warm. Believe you can usually find a 10% off code online somewhere.
Sorry for previous wordless post, some glitch meant I could paste but not type confused

nothingwittyhere Wed 23-Nov-16 13:26:06

Yep, STMA16 = 10% off and free delivery

drspouse Wed 23-Nov-16 13:36:35

Those are what I want but I'd need a homing device (see other thread).

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