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Edwards and Millers small back large cup bras

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Coldhandscoldheart Thu 03-Nov-16 18:46:56

Has anyone tried them? It all sounds really promising, but they are members only sales??? And I can't really find any reviews since they've been up and running.
Does anyone have any experience to share? I've just lost enough weight that I really need to find a 30L, which isn't easy.

hollinhurst84 Thu 03-Nov-16 19:46:45

Heard of but haven't tried
I'm a 34K (ish) and tend to wear bravissimo, flirtelle and ewa michalak mainly
Bravissimo Alana I think is available in yours size
I'm wearing a Flirtelle that's generous and had to drop 2 cups sizes in it so that might work!

Coldhandscoldheart Thu 03-Nov-16 20:13:11

I hadn't heard of flirtelle I don't think. Might try that thanks.

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