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WTF has happened to my skin?? It's so dry!

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Qwerdy1234 Sat 29-Oct-16 17:31:26

So I used LizEarle for years and then found the superdrug replacement.

I have SUPER sensitive skin and 8/10 things will burn my face.

I've been a bit ill lately and notice my skin was a bit flaky. So in the bath I did a double face scrub with the fake superdrug LE and my face immediately started to burn.

I couldnt find my moisturiser when I got out and put some cocoa butter on my face (usually OK) but it burned!

My skin now is so fucking dry. It's all spotty and actually rough like sandpaper on my chin /nose.

I don't know what to do or put on it now! sad

Any ideas?!

TheSpottedZebra Sat 29-Oct-16 17:34:21

STOP THE SCRUBS! Just a gentle exfoliation when you wash off your cleanser will be fine.

Is it a new bottle of the cleanser? I use it too and I think the formulation has just changed. What else have you got to hand that you could choose from?

When my skin is really sensitive, I use barrier repair from dermalogica - but there are other equally as good, v v gentle things out there.

TheSpottedZebra Sat 29-Oct-16 17:35:20

There was meant to be a paragraph there between cleanser and to hand. Ie what other moisturisers have you got to hand. Although maybe the cleanser is too harsh for you at the moment too?

Qwerdy1234 Sat 29-Oct-16 17:36:24

I've got a big tub of cetraben?

Qwerdy1234 Sat 29-Oct-16 17:37:01

The superdrug thing was fine for ages. I don't know what happened.

I have coconut oil too?

TheSpottedZebra Sat 29-Oct-16 18:05:31

Maybe cetraben? Try a little blob somewhere before you put it all over your face through.
I hate coconut oil - I find it really claggy and itchy, and it seems to not melt in on me.

I do find that I get inflamed by everything if I've been poorly though, so maybe you need to get better first, then figure out of your skin has changed and you can no longer use the products that you used before. I am still fine with the superdrug thing, it's just that I can see that it is different.

Actually, on the subject of superdrug, I am really liking one of their vitamin e moisturisers - the intensive moisturising cream. IT'S not fancy or anything, but I find it really gentle and er, moisturising and it doesn't make me react like lots of things do.

Crusoe Sat 29-Oct-16 20:35:00

OP I have had the same problem with the Superdrug stuff. I've used it for ages and then all of a sudden I can't tolerate it. I wonder if they have changed the ingredients.
I'm using Ceraphil at the mo, cheap but helping.

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