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Botox / Glasgow

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mamamia999 Wed 19-Oct-16 21:00:11

Hi - I'm 42 and since having my 2 1/2 yr old daughter I hate the way my face has aged with the lack of sleep & huge amount of sugar I've become addicted to. Always said I'd never do anything to my face but changing my mind and now considering Botox. Has anyone got any recommendations in Glasgow, was considering Darren McKeown....thanks x

gracearchersghost Wed 19-Oct-16 23:23:07

What about SK:N ( gordon st) -they were recommended to me and was pleased with results.

mamamia999 Thu 20-Oct-16 06:11:09

Ok will look at, thanks

ootsideinbacktaefront Thu 20-Oct-16 06:25:22

Peppermint group, bath street.

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