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Keratin hair treatment.

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woolypigs Fri 14-Oct-16 20:02:06

Hi, has anybody on here used this? How bad is the smell and how long did it last?

woolypigs Fri 14-Oct-16 20:02:59

Sorry don't know how to do links on my phone.

macnab Fri 14-Oct-16 21:20:10

Yes, several times. And am going to use ur again next week (just got my hair highlighted yesterday)

The fumes are quite bad. You'll need to be near an open window. I have a LOT of hair, I'll use the whole lot and it will take me hours shock It's easy to do but a real faff, it just takes forever and my arms ache from it at the end! It's worth it though. Good luck!

woolypigs Fri 14-Oct-16 21:30:51

I have a friend who has offered to do it for me as I too have loads of long hair. I think I might buy her wine in preparation. Its good to hear from someone who has done it many times as I had read somewhere about hair breaking from using it often.

macnab Sat 15-Oct-16 10:01:30

Well don't give her the wine beforehand she'll need her wits about her grin

I only ever use it twice a year so have had no problems with breakage or anything. It doesn't straighten your hair, just takes all the frizz and volume out if it. It usually takes me at least an hour to wash, dry & straighten my hair but when I've used this treatment it takes less than half that.

Make sure to use salt free shampoo afterwards. Hope it turns out well for you.

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