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Uniqlo ultra light down jackets

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christinarossetti Wed 05-Oct-16 10:00:08

Are they warm enough to be used as a winter jacket?

I'm in London, so doesn't need to be Nordic, but I really don't like being cold.

I've got a couple of wool blend ones that keep me warm enough, but am tempted by something lighter to carry when using the tube etc.


FrickOnAStick Wed 05-Oct-16 10:11:00

They get rave reviews and seem like a bargain. The only thing that put me off (besides the lack of waterproofing that is standard for puffas) is that they seem very shiny. I bought a Rab instead. It also packs small, comes in nice colours, is warm and lightweight but isn't quite as cheap and shiny looking.

minipie Wed 05-Oct-16 10:29:09

My mum has a couple. Very warm yes. Flattering no.

christinarossetti Wed 05-Oct-16 13:15:21

I've been covering the Rab ones frick but I can't justify the cost...

Love those colours, though, and they do look toasty warm.

christinarossetti Wed 05-Oct-16 13:15:34


ElspethFlashman Wed 05-Oct-16 13:16:58

My sister has one. She raves about it. I haven't the heart to tell her it's one of the least flattering jackets she's ever bought....

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