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Charity shop bargains thread!

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ephemeralfairy Wed 05-Oct-16 00:18:14

Today I got:

Brand new, unworn River Island tassled brogues, £6.99
Unworn M&S thermal vest with tags on, £1.50
Lovely soft gold Oasis top, £1.99
Black French Connection dress, £3.99

What good stuff have you all got recently?

WomanFromAnotherPlace Wed 05-Oct-16 00:27:26

Monsoon dresses - must have been quite a few seasons old as they were fantastic quality/style/pattern. I haven't seen dresses like these in Monsoon for a long time. About 4 quid each.

Zara cable knit sweatshirt £2.00

Betty Jackson jacket £2.50

And loads of quirky items whose labels I didn't recognise (most made in Italy/UK)

I once saw a brand new 5 pack of Sloggi underwear for £1.00, but really didn't want to chance it (I know, I know, the charity shop is unlikely to sell worn pants)

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