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Best face mask

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Blueberry234 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:41:22

I need a really good pore sucking out face mask my skin has gone to pot does any one have any recommendations?

Nabootique Fri 30-Sep-16 22:17:17

You really just want a decent clay mask, if you're not dry. The Body Shop have some nice ones. Also, if it's specifically blackheads then a salicylic acid toner is a good investment.

CantChoose Sun 02-Oct-16 08:24:36

I love this one
If you're using a clay mask I'd really recommend getting a sponge to remove it. I use the Liz Earle one and there's so much less mess!

fiorentina Sun 02-Oct-16 14:02:36

Body Shop or Origins do great clay masks.

Cheesymonster Sun 02-Oct-16 16:55:41

Search for carbonated or bubble clay mask on Amazon. The brand is milky piggy or something - it's a Korean brand and is all over YouTube. I bought one and it's excellent. Really makes skin feel clean and very smooth.

Blueberry234 Sun 02-Oct-16 19:24:35

Thank you all

MrsT2007 Mon 03-Oct-16 08:16:00

Big fan of a charcoal one from boots it's great. Clay and charcoal help neutralise any bunged up pores

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