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A shirt for my brother?

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SharingMichelle Mon 26-Sep-16 04:57:24

It's my brother's 50th birthday and I'm at a loss to know what to get him. Thought maybe a nice shirt? He does love clothes.

He's small, tries to keep in shape (cycles, goes to the gym), quite fashion conscious, loves a designer label. He has quite expensive taste, but wouldn't be sniffy about something cheaper.

I think he shops in fat face, superdry... not sure where else.

Budget is £50.

Any ideas about where to look or recommendations for lovely shirts?

CurlsLDN Mon 26-Sep-16 07:48:33

A liberty shirt, if it's to his taste (dh has one and it's lovely quality, with the gorgeous Liberty label inside)

Otherwise ted baker do some lovely shirts that are a bit more mainstream in style but often with a special touch such as a coloured trim or unusual fabric.

SharingMichelle Mon 26-Sep-16 14:10:03

Thanks for replying Curls.

A Liberty shirt is a great idea, but quite a bit over budget. Ted baker a good idea too I think though not sure which one to get.

Am hunting for a mega-on-sale designer shirt, or maybe a discount store online now.

Gingefringe Mon 26-Sep-16 14:28:04

Jack Wills have some nice shirts (not just for students) - quite classic styles and patterns.
If he cycles why not buy him a cycling vest or cycling jersey (my husband loves these) - a good one is about £50. There's loads of choice in these.

SharingMichelle Mon 26-Sep-16 14:29:14


If I get him a Ralph Lauren shirt... is that a bit blah? I live under a rock and have no idea. I'm sure a Ralph Lauren shirt would have been a treat 15 years ago but is it still? And if it isn't, what's the today equivalent? He's a lot more into brands and fashion than I am, so he'll know.

The budget can stretch upwards. I think 50 quid is a bit mean and unrealistic.

CurlsLDN Mon 26-Sep-16 18:35:37

Ralph Lauren is a bit 'old money' - worn by middle aged and older wealthy types, or flash city boys. Still a good solid brand but not very exciting I don't think.

If you think he'd like Liberty print, house of Fraser have some on sale by other brands,default,sc.html?q=Liberty&fix&spcl

Otherwise pretty green is very cool (great big shop on carnaby street) and they have some nearer your budget

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