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Best hairdryer to blow dry straight(ish)?

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ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Thu 22-Sep-16 08:35:05

And any other bits and bobs that help?

Dd is 13 and it's her birthday in 10 days, she wants a hairdryer.

This, to me, is like asking for a Hadron Collider because I've never had one. I don't know what they do. I am a cut it myself, use the cheapest shampoo and wear it in a pony tail kind of person.

Dd has wavy-curly hair, and desperately wants it straight. She has straighteners already.

So, what hairdryer do I need?

Cakescakescakes Thu 22-Sep-16 08:42:06

I have the ghd air one which I like although it's pricey. Parlux are good too. And blow dry using a round barrel brush (metal or ceramic barrel). I also have wavy hair and to be honest it's the straighteners that make the difference. Make sure she has a set that go up to 235 degrees (Remington, babyliss - not expensive) so it stays straight once done. Ghds etc only go to 180 and my hair is frizzy again within an hour.

Only1scoop Thu 22-Sep-16 08:46:20

I can't blow dry to save my life and I use Babyliss big hair barrel dryer.

TooDamnNosyy Thu 22-Sep-16 14:13:45

Getting the same for my neice for xmas i went with this

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 22-Sep-16 21:14:44

Parlux 3200

CocoLoco87 Thu 22-Sep-16 21:18:27

Ego professional range is worth looking at.

itshappenedagain Thu 22-Sep-16 21:34:45

If second the Ghd air. Comes with 2 models and I have wavy hair which I dry straight. Mine is also very long and thick. I had a mark hill one -'for a couple of months I replaced it with the Ghd as its much more powerful and actually does the job

MoBro Fri 23-Sep-16 20:46:58

I have a £20 off discount code for GHD dryers if you do get one.

MagikarpetRide Fri 23-Sep-16 20:50:15

The best I've owned is an eti turbohaler. They're not mega pricey either for something that gets used by professionals

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Tue 27-Sep-16 10:59:18

Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions, blimeyheck it's a minefield! I went for the Parlux 3800 in the end, as it seemed a midway price range between the sort I'd get for my old barnet and the GHD fantabulous things.

MoBro- thanks very much for the offer, I am not in the UK anyway so it probably wouldn't have been valid flowers

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 27-Sep-16 14:11:27

Report back when it arrives!smile

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