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I bought some trousers...

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WutheringFrights Thu 15-Sep-16 23:35:08

I have no idea what to call them, DH think Thai fisherman's but they aren't wrap around, I thought harem but they don't go in at the ankle.
They are basically bloody comfy silk like baggy black troos with a lovely comfy waistband and wide floaty legs.
I am not tall, they just touch the floor, I am a slightly podgy size 12 but they are so bloody comfortable.
The question is what the heck do I wear with them, a strappy black top is okay for at home, but my tummy has a bit of a post baby overhang (my baby is 3).
Any advice on either what to call them so I can search for ideas of what to put with them or any suggestions of tops....and shoes...
I don't ask for much...

Florathefern Fri 16-Sep-16 00:09:25

Are they just wide leg tops? Can you link them?

I'm guessing if you intend to wear them at home, they are casual? If so, would converse work?

IMO fitted tops look better with wide bottoms and vice versa.

If you wear a longline vest top with it, would a loose boyfriend style cardigan left open work with it?

Sleepthief Fri 16-Sep-16 06:32:16

Palazzo pants?

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