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how many days between hair washes is acceptable?

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ggirl Wed 14-Sep-16 22:33:26

I have recently started to let my curly hair do it's own thing and it's a revelation !
I don't need to wash in the morning as my hair just gets curlier overnight just a quick shake and it's fine.
But I am used to washing alternate days as a minimum and I haven't washed since monday morning ..sorely tempted to leave it tomorrow as well ..minging ???

janethegirl2 Wed 14-Sep-16 22:35:42

Depends on your hair. I leave mine a max of 4 days but I do shower daily.

it really depends on what ive been doing with my hair. if its just been washed and then tied back in any sort of style, i can go for up to five days between washes. if i use any sort of product on it, i can maybe get two or three days before it looks a bit scrappy. when it was poker straight right through i used to have to wash it every day but since it's gone wavy i can go much longer

MollyRedskirts Wed 14-Sep-16 23:27:55

It's about five days for me. I have curly hair and I let it dry naturally. I'll usually wear it down for the first two days, then on the third day it gets brushed and braided back. Same on the fourth. I have to brush it at that point or it tangles and matts dreadfully. After that, it needs dry shampooing and is very fuzzy and annoying, so it gets washed.

If I'm straightening it, I can go six days (with dry shampoo as needed) because it doesn't go as fuzzy, since there aren't any curls to break up.

Obviously it gets washed more frequently in hot weather, or after exercise, but I have very long, incredibly thick hair, and washing it is a massive chore. I've had hairdressers tell me they'd wash it every fortnight if they had my hair!

hollinhurst84 Wed 14-Sep-16 23:35:19

I usually wash my (dry, curly) hair every other day but I'm trying to go longer
I should be washing it tomorrow morning but that seems ridiculous given I'll have a riding hat on tomorrow night so I may as well leave it

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