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Most flattering styles for a big tummy?

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AllTheFluffyAnimals Mon 12-Sep-16 21:15:07

I've put on weight and am now a size 16/18, which is fine, but it all seems to be on my belly, which I don't like. A woman offered me her seat on the bus the other day and I'm constantly paranoid that people think I'm pregnant.

How can I dress to take attention away from my belly? I like bright colours and unusual clothes (my hair is several shades of purple, I grow my leg hair and underarm hair and show off my tattoos, so I'm not afraid to look different) but I'm restricted as I am currently very very poor and can only shop in charity shops.

I'm currently living in two swing dresses and a summer short dress that aren't too bad and capes. Nothing else fits.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 12-Sep-16 21:30:43

I'm with you OP. I used to be an hourglass, now I'm completely Apple shaped and my legs are the skinniest they've ever been due to running.

I like wearing slim fitting ankle grazing trousers and then a slouchy t-shirt. Skim over my fat bits. The trousers I like tend to be on the higher waisted side to try and hold my belly in.

witsender Mon 12-Sep-16 22:48:48

Same as you guys here, the coil seems to have piled weight on me which has congregated round my middle, the rest of me hasn't changed much!

I tend to do the same as Felicia, skinny trousers and slouchy tops.

Destinysdaughter Tue 13-Sep-16 09:38:29

Wrap dresses? Also going low carb helps with belly fat especially if you feel bloated a lot.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 13-Sep-16 10:45:18

NOTHING seems to be helping my belly sad I've lost two and a half stone (2 to go!) and have barely lost anything from my belly. I mean I know I have, but why am I losing from my bum and legs not my huge boobs and belly?! Seriously body, get with the programme!

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